Airbrush-painting made by Henk of


We have a wheel cover on the backside of our car. Of course we want to do something very nice with it and what is nicer then your own dog.
Therefore we asked Henk to make something very special of it.

     This is how Henk started....                                                (click on the photo to enlarge)

this is how the cover came

removed the sticker and fat


taped with special paper-tape

after drawing cute the lines

used a special primer befor brushing

after this I made very very careful the design

with white brought the highlights

with a special made gray color the basisc color of Cliff

with a special yellow/brown Henk brought the basic

brought the dark spots in colord place and almost all yellow with a transparante color to the right color

made the dapples

a little purple made the incidence of light



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