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October, 2nd, 2014 JOEHOE!!!!! Sissy got her puppies from Applejack v.d. Mibaf's Hoeve!!! You can click here if you like to follow this.
July, 20th update Sissy's puppies
July, 7th added photo's from Sissy with her puppies at Sissy's puppies
July, 3rd added pictures at Sissy's puppies
July, 1st 2013 announcement of Sissy's litter and added Sissy to our website
October, 24th update Gloria's puppy
September, 29th added photo's to Gloria's puppy
September, 24th announcement of Gloria's puppy and added DNA profile at Doran
August, 2nd Retrospective of the puppies of Diddle x Majestywinner
July, 13th update Diddle's puppies
June, 28th update Diddle's puppies
June, 11th update Diddle's puppies
May, 22nd update Diddle's puppies
May, 19th added photo's from Diddle and her puppies at Diddle's puppies
May, 18th Diddle's puppies at May, 16th!
May, 15th update Diddle's pregnancy with a movie
May, 11th update pregnancy of Diddle and add photo's at Casper, Cliff, Cleopatra, Doran, Jessy, Joya, Junilaita, Limo and Majestywinner
May, 9th update pregnancy of Diddle
April, 26th update pregnancy of Diddle
April, 14th announcement of Diddle's pregnancy
March, 28th added photo's at Cliff, Doran, Joya and Mocha
March, 05th added photo's at Cleopatra, Cliff, Diddle, Doran, Joya, Junilaita, Limo, Mocha and last photo of Ukkie (In Memory click here)
February, 7th last pictures of Ukkie (In Memory click here)
January, 18 2011 added photo's at Doran, Joya, Mocha and Cliff
December, 09th unfortunately.... Ukkie Ukkepuk
December, 12th update of Jessy
December, 03rd update puppy of Jessy
November, 24th update puppy of Jessy but also
added Doran and Joya and an update by all the others!
November, 5th update puppy of Jessy
October, 27th update puppy of Jessy
October, 20th announcement of Jessy's puppy
October, 02nd update Jessy's pregnancy
September, 21st announcement of Jessy's pregnancy
September, 05th retrospective view at Ukkie's last puppies (at the bottom of Ukkie's site is the link)
August, 09th update Ukkie's puppies
July, 24th update Ukkie's puppies
June, 29th added the names of the puppies of Ukkie
June, 26th update Ukkie's puppies
June, 15th update Ukkie's puppies
June, 14th puppies of Ukkie are born!!!!
June, 08th update Ukkie's pregnancy
June, 01st retrospective view at the puppies of Ukkie
May, 27th update Ukkie's pregnancy
May, 18th Announcement of Ukkie's pregnancy
April,  2nd last update of Diddle's puppies
March,  4th added new pictures at Diddle's puppies
February, 10th added new pictures at Diddle's puppies
February, 3rd added new pictures to Diddle's puppies and update shows
January, 29th added photo's to Diddle's puppies
January, 21st added photo's to Diddle's puppies
January, 19th puppies of Diddle are born!!
January, 10th update pregnancy of Diddle
January, 06th Update pregnancy of Diddle
January,02nd 2010 Announcement of Diddle's pregnancy
November,12th update shows
January, 31st Gloria's puppies are born and update Ukkie's puppies
January, 13th Announcement of Gloria's pregnancy
January, 07th 2009 update puppies Ukkie Ukkepuk
December, 28th Ukkie's puppies are born!!
November, 21st Cleopatra introduced on the website
November, 7th update puppies of Diddle and show results
October, 22nd added photo's of Diddle's puppies
October, 12th Diddle's puppies are born!
October, 11th update pregnancy Diddle
October, 4th update pregnancy Diddle and updates pictures at Diddle, Mocha, .... etc.
September, 24th update pregnancy Diddle and update shows
September, 13th update pregnancy Diddle, added pictures to others and update shows
September, 7th announcement of Diddle's pregnancy
August, 26th update shows
August, 10th added Casper to the website and photo's of all doggies
June, 17th update puppy page and shows
May, 24th update puppy page
May, 16th update Junilaita's puppies and shows
May, 3rd update shows
April, 28th Junilaita's puppies are born!!
April, 11th update Junilaita's pregnancy
March, 28th update shows
March, 23rd added pictures of Jan-Julian
March, 22nd announcement of Junilaita's pregnancy
March, 8th update shows
February, 23rd add Jan-Julian to the website
February, 6th new puppy pictures of Mocha's puppies
January, 24th new puppy pictures of Mocha's puppies and update shows
January, 07th 2008 puppy picture's of Mocha's puppies
December, 17th Mocha's puppies are born!!
December, 7th update Mocha's pregnancy
November, 30th update Mocha's pregnancy
November, 24th update Mocha's pregnancy and added at doxies all new pictures
November, 16th announcement of Mochas pregnancy, if you to follow her pregnancy progress you can click here
October, 31st update show results of Majestywinner and Gloria
September, 16th Majestywinner became also his point to get his WUT-Jugend-Champion!
August, 27th update show results of Majestywinner and Gloria
August, 11th Majestywinner became his last point for his Dutch Youth Championship!
August, 10th update Diddle's puppies
July, 26th Gloria has been added to the website
July, 6th finally pictures of Diddle's puppies to see at Puppies Diddle
July, 1st update Majestywinner's show results and Majestywinner's pictures
June, 27th update Jessy's puppies
June, 14th update Diddle's pregnancy
June, 7th announcement of Diddles pregnancy, if you to follow her pregnancy progress you can click here
May, 23rd birth of Jessy's puppies on May, 13th and made retrospective view of Junilaita's puppies
April, 22nd update Junilaita's puppies
April, 14th update Junilaita's puppies announcement of Jessy's pregnancy, if you like to follow this you can look at here and update show Majestywinner
March, 31st update Junilaita's puppies
March, 19th update Junilaita's puppies
March, 14th update Junilaita's puppies
March, 7th update Junilaita's puppies
March, 5th update Junilaita's puppies
March, 4th update Junilaita's puppies
March, 2nd update Junilaita's puppies
March, 1st update Junilaita's puppies
February, 27th Birth of Junilaita's puppies!
February, 24th update Junilaita's pregnancy
February, 18th update Junilaita's pregnancy and photo's at the others
February, 9th update Junilaita's pregnancy
February, 1st update Junilaita's pregnancy, Junilaita and Majestywinner
January, 21st 2007 Junilaita has been mated by Kai, if you like to follow this you can look at puppies Junilaita and update photo's
December, 4th update Majestywinner
November, 16th update Majestywinner
November, 2nd update Majestywinner's pictures and add Past DD puppies
October, 21st update Jessy's pregnancy and update O-die
October, 16th update Jessy's pregnancy
October, 8th update Jessy's pregnancy
October, 3rd update Majestywinner's pictures
September, 30th update Jessy's pregnancy add Majestywinner to the website and add photo's to all doxies
September, 22nd announcement of Jessy's pregnancy. You can take a look at pregnancy progress and the puppies of Jessy
September, 11th added button or our puppy Ukkie! made retrospective view of Mocha's puppies
August, 12th July, 27th 2006 Dutch Dapples Kinky Kai mated Pink Emotion Dachshaus (click here or The Dachshaus Kennel)
Last update Mocha's puppies
July, 9th update mocha's puppies
June 14th update Mocha's puppy page with Color-pedigree's
June 13th update photo's Mocha's puppies
June, 10th update Mocha's and Diddle's litters
May, 29th update puppies Mocha
May, 18th announcement of Mocha's litter. 7 healthy puppies are born!
May, 10th update photo's of all doxies!
May, 9th update Mocha's pregnancy and last update Diddle's puppies
May, 2nd update Mocha's pregnancy
April, 23rd update puppies Diddle
April, 19th announcement of Mocha's pregnancy. You can take a look at pregnancy progress and the puppies of Mocha
April, 12th update puppy page and update show
March, 29th update puppy page
March, 23rd update puppy page
March, 14th added pedigree of Jessy
March, 13th update puppy page
March, 5th update puppy page
March, 3rd update puppy page, add week 1 page
February, 27th update puppy page
February, 20th update photo pregnancy progress and Diddle
February, 14th update photo pregnancy progress, Limo, Mocha, Diddle, Jessy and Junilaita
February, 7th update photo pregnancy progress, Junilaita and Diddle
February, 2nd changed Welcome-site
January, 30th update photo pregnancy progress
January, 25th update photo's pregnancy progress and all doggies
January, 19th announcement of Diddle's pregnancy, look at puppies and pregnancy progress of Diddle (the used drawings from M.Stanovoi are placed with her permission)
January 14th 2006 added pictures to all dogs and update shows
November, 25th added pictures to all doggies
November, 22nd added Junilaita to our website!!
October, 22nd updated show Diddle and Jessy and added pictures at Cliff
September, 1st added photo's of the dogs and updated shows
July, 1st Our own Logo possession Certificate of M. Stanovoi
June, 26th added photo's at Cliff and Jessy and showresults
June, 5th added the puppies to the show-page and photo's to Jessy
May, 29th add photo's to al doggies
April, 28th add photo's to al doggies
April, 4th add Jessy, the delivery and past puppies and update puppies
March, 6th All puppies left to their new homes update Puppies-Page
January, 13th we got the temporary NHSB no. (like AKC registration)
update Puppies-page eyes opened of some of them
January, 5th Birth announcement of Mocha's puppies(M. Stanovoi's permission)