Mocha is born at June, 20th 2003, Orlando, Florida at JBD Doxies.
Her daddy is Hickory Dickory Dock and her mommy is JBD Snooping Leopard Lady.
Her official name is Mocha Latte of Sunday Morn but we call her K-tje. K-tje is a miniature choc tan smooth hair dachshund. She has 2 brothers and so she is from a litter with 3 puppies.
Mocha arrived at October, 19th 2003 at The Netherlands.

K-tje is a sweet, attached female who can take good care of herself for example after a very busy day. She loves it very much to hug with the cats and to hunt at the birds. Under the chapter very funny belongs as well: Digging.
K-tje adores it to lay on your lap and get through the evening very cozy.

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