On April 22, 2008

              Golden Dakshaund Junilaita       x  Jan-Julius van de Gorsselse Heide          
                    pedigree                                Dutch Youth Champion   peedigree 

 became fresh parents of 4 beautiful and healthy pups!  

black & tan female
born at 5.37PM and her weight is 168 gram
Dutch Dapples Luna Lieve (she lives in Deurne)
black & tan male  
born at 6.56PM  and his weight is 205 gram
Dutch Dapples Mini Man (he lives in Utrecht)
black & tan male  
born at 6.16PM and his weight is 188 gram
Dutch Dapples Casper Caelestis (he stays here)
black & tan male  
born at 9.48PM and his weight is 210 gram
Dutch Dapples Dappere Dorus (he lives in Renkum)


May, 13th 2008 - 22nd day

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