At February, 25th 2006...

                 JBD's Deedleedee              X        Graf Gerald Jamnicze Ostoja      

gave birth to 4 healthy puppies.

choc tan male    -sold-
born at 3.39AM and his weight 260 gram
Dutch Dapples Chocolate Charlie - Sjakie
choc tan female    -sold-
born at 5.53 AM and her weight 270 gram
 Dutch Dapples Lovable Lola - Lola
choc tan dapple male   -sold-
born at 8.32 AM and his weight 277 gram
Dutch Dapples Patchy Peppe - Peppe

choc tan female     -sold-
born at 11.55 AM and her weight 224 gram
Dutch Dapples Serene Soussa - Soussa

A happy retrospective view at the puppies of  Diddle's and GG's
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birth - 25 February 2006 - puppy 1

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