Diddle is a very sweet girl with a happy, loving, stable personality
and she has
 also proven to be a very sweet mommy.
Spring has started and often brings us new little lifes, 
and we hope that Diddle will be mommy again.

We decided quite some time ago that
 Uspeha Majestywinner may be
again dad.
The puppies that already have been born from the same combination, are all
puppies with stable and nice personalities.

We looked at the calendar again and
counted the 63 days of her pregnancy

and the due date would be around May 18, 2011.

By means of this page 
I want to keep you up-to-date with Diddle's pregnancy.

  1st week                                            2nd week                                             3rd week

4th week                                             5th week                                            6th week

7th week
                                          8th week                                                              movie of Diddle's belly

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