It was not difficult to find an appropriate male for Jessy.
Jan-Julius has the most we are looking for in a male.
Jan Julius has a chocolate gene too, so there is certainly a chance on choc puppies.
Jessy is our first self bred generation getting puppies.
On March, 15th Jessy has been mated so 63 days further at
the calendar makes May, 17th 2007. 
This date stands marked.
We are so proud to tell you that Jan-Julius van de Gorsselse Heide
is the father-to-be.

With this page I want to keep you informed on Jessy's pregnancy.

                       1st week                                          2nd week                                           3rd week               
                       4th week                                            

 Jessy's pregnancy | retrospective of the puppies of Jessy x Jan-Julius
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