At May,15th 2006...

JBD's Mocha Late of Sunday Morn   X        Graf Gerald Jamnicze Ostoja      

gave birth to 7 healthy puppies!

choc tan male 
born at 11.43 AM and his weight 250 gram
Dutch Dapples Seeking Sherlock
(is going to Wassenaar)
choc tan dapple female (dark ears)
born at 12.09 AM and her weight is 240 gram  
 Dutch Dapples Idylle Indy
(is going to Renkum)
choc tan dapple male
born at 13.57 PM and his weight is 244 gram
Dutch Dapples Proud Pongo
(is going to Eckelrade)
  choc tan female
born at14.25 PM and her weight is 234 gram
Dutch Dapples Ukkie Ukkepuk (stays with us)
choc tan dapple male (big spot on his little head)
born at 14.45 PM and his weight is 256 gram
Dutch Dapples Sparkling Sproet (is going to Hardinxveld Giessendam)
choc tan dapple female
born at 16.00 PM and her weight is 234 gram
  Dutch Dapples Chocolate Cookie (is going to Beek-Ubbergen)
choc tan female
born at 18.50 PM and her weight is 250 gram
Dutch Dapples Lotte Lady (is going to Zwanenburg)

A happy retrospective view at the puppies of Mocha and Graf Gerald
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Birth - 15 May 2006

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Mocha's pregnancy | retrospective of the puppies of Mocha x GG
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