With great happiness we are proud to present you our Mocha's pregnancy.
The choice for the father-to-be was not too hard.
Our Formula Uspeha Majestywinner has grown to be a pretty and, above all, sweet boy.
He loves to hug and he sure takes his time for this. "Though" is some of his properties
from time to time, but Majestywinner also likes to play with the other dogs.
Mocha is a sweet and happy doxie who loves to get her hugs, but she surely is a girl.
Mocha is one of the best mothers you can imagine;
 from the moment of breeding, Mocha is extremely happy and likes to show everyone
she is pregnant, and walks on by with her big belly.
The game of love was on October 14, 2007.

With this page I want to keep you informed on Mocha's pregnancy.

                     1st week                                            2nd week                                           3rd week                   
                    4th week                                            5th week                                           6th week

                    7th week

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