After almost two years of having no litters, we can proudly announce that our Sissy is
Sissy is a sweet and devoted cuddly girl and we expect that she will be a sweet and caring mom for her pups, just like her mother has always been.
When we were looking for a suitable mate, we didn't have to think long, because our
Casper Caelestis would be the ideal male for her, according to us. Casper has
a beautiful anatomy with a super sweet and super devoted personality, much like Sissy.

We looked at the calendar again and counted the 63 days of her pregnancy
and the due date would be around June 29th, 2013.

By means of this page 
I want to keep you up-to-date with Sissy's pregnancy.

 1st week                                           2nd week                                            2nd week
5th week                                                 5th week                                              6th week
8th week                                          8th week
           9th week                                         9th week                                     movie of Sissy's belly

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