September, 23rd, 2014...

Dutch Dapples Sissy Stracciatella Dutch Dapples Sissy Stracciatella pedigree
Applejack v.d. Mibaf's Hoeve Applejack v.d. Mibafs Hoeve NJK 2014 pedigree
became proud new parents of 5 wonderful puppies!

choc dappled male  
born at 22.44 hour and his weight 232 gram
choc & tan male  
born at 23.41 hour and his weight 204 gram
black & tan male  
born at 23.53 hour and her weight 211 gram
black & tan male  
born at 00.40 hour and his weight 236 gram
black & tan male  
born at 01.33 uur and his weight 213 gram


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