Dutch Dapples Ukkie Ukkepuk


Ukkie was born at our home at May 15th 2006 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and 09th december 2010.
Her daddy is Graff Gerald Jamnicza Ostaja, and her mommy is
JBD Mocha Latte of Sunday Morn.
She had 3 sissters and 3 brothers, she was from a litter of 7 puppies.
Ukkie was born as 4th puppy and she was the 2nd female.
Ukkie was a great dark chocolate tan female.

Ukkie was a very spontaneous and sweet little dog. Everything she did, she did with the same enthusiasm. Ukkie was a small girl, but that didn't mean she was less of a dachshound in her behavior. So there were a lot of hugs she gave to us, to run afterwards through the room back and forth... (the crazy minutes of a dachshound - who doesn't recognize these?) She went well along with the rest of the pack.
We enjoyed our Ukkie Ukkepuk offspring the best we can!

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