February 26th, 2007 5 healthy puppies have been born
out of the combination

   Golden Dakshaund Junilaita   
 X        Dutch Dapples Kinky Kai         pedigree                                               pedigree   

  choc tan female 

Dutch Dapples Adorable Ashley (she is going to Leiderdorp)
born at 0.01 AM and her weight is 202 gram
  black dappled female she has bigger spots
Dutch Dapples Portia Porcini  (she is going to Den Haag)
born at 0.21 AM and her weight is 204 gram
  black dappled male
Dutch Dapples Silver Siel  (he is going to Heusden-Zolder, Belgium)
born at 1.03 AM and his weight is 173 gram
  back & tan male
Dutch Dapples Lord Lodewijk (he stays here at Amsterdam)
born at 2.10 AM and his weight 198 is gram
  choc dappled male
Dutch Dapples Tendre Tache  (he is going to Pellenberg, Belgium)
born at 4.05 AM and his weight is 199 gram

A happy retrospective view at the puppies of Junilaita and Kai
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February 25th, 2007 - birth

Junilaita's pregnancy | Retrospective of the puppies of Junilaita x Kai
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